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Guys, I recommend Nickelz hair product. I tested it, and let me tell You. It does wonders. It will leave your hair with a pleasant scent. The growth is real. I have dreads and i used to retouch them once in 2 months. After I used Nickels product, I am adjusting to once every 3 weeks. That should give you measurable results of this amazing product.


Y’all listen up keenly this product renew my entire hair life, from the texture to the tingling relaxed feeling I encountered…..this helped my edges so much (damaged from all the weaves) and reassured me that my natural hair can be everything…..please trust me when I say it’s the real hair deal…..thanks so much for this


Really love the smell of this product. I have been using it and I’m loving it.

Lilibeth de Castro

Nickelz products are proven to strengthen weak hair and stimulate new hair growth

Nickelz Products are proven to help thinning hair.

I’m so happy with the results using this hairgrowth serum. My hair looks healthier and I’ve noticed less falling hair. I could feel my hair becoming thicker than before. I would highly recommend this product.


I am so in love with Nickelz Hair Growth Serum. I’ve been using this product for the last two months and seen amazing hair growth. My hair is much fuller thanks to this product.


It grows hair like crazy! I just started using it on my daughters scalp and hair and i’m noticing the growth already. Her scalp looks more healthy and much more hair body!